The apps that get featured on the iOS App Store

Over the past few months, I’ve been researching the kinds of apps that get featured on the iOS App Store home page for different countries around the world. I’ve posted my initial findings as an online report with dynamic graphs and analysis. (I’ve posted it separately to the main blog, as the report didn’t suit the blog’s template style.)

Read the report.

4 thoughts on “The apps that get featured on the iOS App Store

  1. The presentation of the facts is nice and clean, very well done. The facts are interesting, but doesn’t offer any real explanation as to unbalanced distribution between non games and games. What would be interesting would be to compare the amount of revenue “in app” purchases generates between apps classified as non games and games.

  2. Great data Dave, well done and super impressive stuff.

    Wondering if you write about iOS or Apple stuff anywhere else? If you are interested in a Mac centric writing gig let me know.

    We are open to any help in building the community we can!

  3. For the first chart, the text says blue=games and brown=non-games… and then the chart shows “games” under a brown and blue column and “non-games” under a brown and blue column.
    I suspect something is mis-labelled…

    • You’re right Tom – that was a little confusing. I’ve improved the wording in the description to hopefully clarify what the colours mean.

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