Cryptic crossword 002

Every now and then I write a cryptic crossword. This is my latest effort. It’s posted here primarily for your idle amusement, but feedback is very much appreciated.

I’m a fan of the Libertarian style of cryptics, so expect the odd loose definition here and there. Also, some of the clues may make absolutely no sense to those living outside Britain. Such is the nature of cryptics, I’m afraid.

The crossword can be downloaded as a printable PDF:

Download cryptic crossword 002 as a PDF (37kB)

…or viewed in old-school image-and-text format below. (Apologies that I haven’t yet found a good way to make either of these formats interactive.)

I’ll publish the solution in a week or so – in the meantime, you can ask me for clues on Twitter.

The main crossword grid of the crossword


8: Free BBC has a cut (5)
9: Man of the match? (7)
10: Small number one, a bit smelly (7)
11: Aluminium made contact with aluminium (5)
12: Root vegetables containing small plagues (6)
13: Dirty mark from examples returned with soil inside (6)
15: Defeat the endless conflict given time (6)
17: Unnecessarily topless sister – sounds like she played Maria (6)
20: Cavity inside the skull – space body has lost (5)
22: Wandering chairman sent back inside organization (7)
24: We returned, taken in by celebrity death – official (7)
25: Upstanding before court (5)


1: Bemoaning endless poverty (4)
2: Saints take in wind for flight (6)
3: Journalist regarding alcoholic drink (8)
4: Like a chicken pasty (5)
5: Can 500 be odd (4)
6: Avoided girl taken in by heartless sod (6)
7: Small loaf of bread – note, stale on the outside – it’s a joke (8)
12: “Crushed tabs? Not I!” (He might consider weed.) (8)
14: The Great White Shark is one degree smarter (8)
16: Stack of bank notes with second note inside thrown away (6)
18: Piece before editor joined (6)
19: Puritan, one initially offensive (5)
21: Shuffle deal to trump (4)
23: Feels the effect of gravity on aliens (4)

(Please don’t republish this crossword without permission. Thanks!)

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